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Summer Camp Information

Our sites will be open during the Summer months. Summer Camp begins Monday, June 14th and ends Friday, August 20th. 
We will need the following documents in order to register your child for our Summer Program: 
  • Physical
  • Immunization
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Parent ID
  • Registration 
One time fee of $100.00 for new families 
One time fee of $50.00 for families that were enrolled during the 2020-2021 school year 
Weekly Rate
Toddler (12 months - 24 months): $150.00 / week
Toddler (24 months- 36 months):  $140.00/ week
Preschool Age (36 months- 48 months): $130.00/ week
Pre-K (4 years and up): $120.00/ week